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Contact us If you want to buy. Similarly if you want to sell. Above all for different stock lots and machines. Besides household goods. Certainly, you can be in touch with us for other stocks as well. In conclusion, we invite you to reach us. Whether you want to buy or you want to sell.
Please reach us at Afrotalia International Limited. Otherwise you can leave a message to us . Never the less if you want to buy or you want to sell. Surely, one of our specialised employees will get your message. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Headquarters & Warehouse :

Mikocheni B – Mwai – Kibaki Road – Business Bus Stand
Building No. 161 – Dar es Salaam  –  P.O Box:  16611

Branch Store & Ware house

Afrotalia International LTD – Mbezi – Makonde – NSSF Road & Faraja Street – Block H – Plot -1
Dar es Salaam  –  P.O Box:  16611 Tel. 00255757252557

Also through the following phone numbers:

Tel. & Whatsapp: 00255686979377 – 00255673719653 – 00255752338139

E-mail: [email protected]

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