Our story


Afrotalia International Ltd. is a wonderful story of success. Especially in the field of import of kitchen appliances. We import high quality products. For instance, households products and electric home appliances. As well as garden products and goods.

Tanzania enjoys a very important geographic position. Therefore, it represents very vital junction point. That is, between east Africa and the rest of the world. Hence, it is the real gate to the east and to the centre African countries. In addition, Tanzania enjoys a very noted stability as well. Furthermore,  the very special attention paid to foreign investments encourage investors to this destination. Not only these factors, but there are also many others. All  these factors together make from Tanzania very important destination in the region. Not only for serious businessmen. But also for the different international companies. Those who look for long term investments.

In addition to these business opportunities in the services sector. There are many business and investment opportunities in Tanzania. The priority changes according to the field or sector. But the main opportunities are in the fields of agriculture and industry. Beside those there are health and  commerce sectors as well.

Afrotalia International Ltd.

It is not only wholesale, distributor and trading company. We also promote the wide range of business opportunities exist in Tanzania. We have our own international network of business partners. That is why we are their reliable business partner in  Tanzania. As well as for many other international companies.

As a matter of fact, we are  very important circle in the development. Above all, in connections and communications between Tanzania and the world. Generally, we connect the international producing companies and the east and central African markets. But in particular, we connect them to the Tanzania markets. Likewise, we will communicate in the nearest future the products of Tanzania local markets, to the international buyers and customers.

Not only trading

Not only trading of electric home appliances. Afrotalia International Ltd. is well established company. Above all,  on a very concrete base of principles and values. Hence, our loyal customers are our valuable guarantees for continuity. They are the real motive force of our existence . All this, is a result of real long term relationship built with patience day after another. it is a matter of reciprocal confidence process.

All operations of Afrotalia International Ltd. are base on very rigid moral standards. Our main concern is to cooperate in all development process and operations. Generally, in the development of Africa. But in particular, our concern is in that of Tanzania. Therefore, Afrotalia International is very interested in the know-how transfer. Similarly, the technology and automation in the industry and the agriculture sectors. Because all these efforts at the end will take the African societies to the satisfaction and the welfare states.

Eco-Friendly Green Company

The respect of the nature is one of our main concerns also. We believe in that. Because it is the only way to  guarantee very healthy and secure future. We proudly face our responsibilities towards the coming generations. And also part of those responsibilities  are yours.

We believe to operate as permanent Eco-friendly company. Therefore, we are against any type of damage to the nature. Hence, we make hard in order to recycle any product. Above all, and at least to stop the production of any non-Eco-friendly products. Likewise, we invite our loyal customers, and we are sure they will take care of the nature. Because of the health of our sons and the future generations.

Electric Kitchen & home Appliances

Afrotalia International is in Dar es salaam – Tanzania. We connect  Africa and the world. That is why we import the world’s most famous brands of kitchen products. As well as the safest brands at all.  In particular, we provide you our credibility. Not only, but also we put in front of you very high professionalism.  That is to win permanently your trust. In addition to be one of our loyal customers .

We strive every day since our first day of incorporation. Certainly, to achieve the highest rate of safety to our customers. Most noteworthy, in households products. Where we aim to protect the superior taste of our clients. Consequently, we score very high success rates.  That is really due the high quality kitchen appliances we import.

The low-quality Kitchen Appliances and households products are invaded the markets. We work hardly to avoid that and to satisfy our customers. Firstly, the quality of the kitchen appliances we provide. Secondly,  the reasonable prices we offer.  That is why we are the first choice. For all customers and from all categories.

Invest in Households Products

Afrotalia International has everything. Firstly households products. But not only, also that everyone wants. In addition to family needs,  we have also what wholesalers and sector traders need. Really, we are your one stop  store .

Therefore, you will do very important investment if you deal with Afrotalia International Ltd. For instance, to buy your home appliances needs. As well as households’ goods or electric kitchen appliances. All this means you secure your money investment. Because our high-quality products are subject to European Union standards of safety and quality.

On the other hand, our technicians check most of the electric appliances. After that they transfer them to the commercial department. Thus, we make all the needed verification in order to secure your investment.

Come to choose from our households products. But one visit won’t be enough at all.  Because we will be your friend. And you will be one of our loyal customers. It is the only way to save your time and achieve  your goals.
Take your family and come to shop with us.

Afrotalia is in Tanzania!