Vyombo muhimu

Vyombo muhimu. Products and services. We have our buildings in Dar es salaam in Tanzania. We are wholesaler and distributor of electric kitchen appliances . Similarly we are retailer and trader as well. We deal in home appliances. We import electric kitchen products also. Not only that, we import also  households goods. For example we import fans and refrigerators. Moreover microwaves and  dishwashers. Similarly in washers and sandwich toasters and grills. In addition tea and coffee kettles. As well as boilers rice and pressure cookers. Likewise more top brands goods.

We import very high quality kitchen home appliances . The range of our products and services cover  manufacturers of  well-known trade marks. That is why we have many international brands in our stores.

Our main international partners are in Europe. Therefore, as you can see, we have different platforms. All these are from where we import and can provide  products and services. In the same time, we have some other partners in America and Canada. But also we can deal with more new business partners from all over the world.

Also we deal in : Used bicycles, Clothing & Fashion. In addition we import Children Toys and Cosmetics. We import also Furniture and  Footwear as well.


Our services besides the above products. In the nearest future, we can provide the following :

  • Finding new export horizons for different Tanzanian products, services and crops as well
  • Importation of input products for agriculture and industry sectors projects
  • Agriculture and/or industry turnkey projects against AAA rated guarantees
  • Organising of local training by well qualified European professionals and technicians, in agriculture, industry and services sectors
  • Organising in any European country external training opportunities in agriculture, industry and services sectors
  • Implementation of agriculture, industry and public services projects by well-qualified international companies
  • Subcontracting for implantation of agriculture and industry projects
  • Introduction of well qualified European professionals and technicians for working in Tanzania. That is under the programmes and projects of experience and know-how transfer
  • Private, public and industrial cleaning services by well-trained local workers
  • Integrated logistic support for different products and services

Vyombo muhimu, Vyombo mbalimbali =›Vifaa muhimu vya jikoni =›Vyombo vya ndani vya kisasa =›Vyombo vya uhifazi wa chakula =›Vyombo na vifaa vya jikoni =›Vifaa maalumu vya usafi =›Mapambo ya kupambia nyumba =›Vyombo vya mtumba =› Vyombo vya kisasa vya ndani =›Mapambo ya vyombo vya ndano