Distributors and Manufacturers

For Sales Representative

Distributors and Manufacturers. You are welcome in Afrotalia International Ltd. You can join our team or our network as well at anytime you want.

Join our network for better future!

Sales representative and distributors will be responsible to promote and to market our home appliances. As well as we will offer you very competitive prices. Similarly, that is for kitchen and electric home appliances. As well as household goods. All this is in order to help you to generate high sales revenues. On the other hand, we will be able and can expand our business to new horizons. As a result, you will enhance the position of Afrotalia International Ltd. That is on the African markets. But it is most important for us in the Tanzania market. It is our main local market.

We deal with sales representative distributors as well. All our team can work on flexible timing. You can earn with us very high commissions and percentage. That`s out of all the sales you can generate. You will be part of well known and very high reputable company.

For Manufacturers and Stocklots traders

We buy our products from leading European and American companies. They are both brand Distributors and Manufacturers. We are ready to buy new or used consumer goods. We can deal with other international business firms as well. In addition, we are ready to buy different types of lots. All that is to supply our customers in Tanzania. In the same time we can meet the needs of our local market.

As a result, we are ready and can buy from distributors and manufacturers. On the other hand, we are always looking for new or used products. For instance, we can buy end-of-sales products. Semi finished products and overstocks as well. Also we can buy over productions and stocks available because of a bankruptcy .